Napoleonic Total War III

A Free to Play Real Time Strategy Game Modification for Napoleon: Total War

Arguably, the Best Real Time Strategy Napoleonic Era Game

The Napoleonic Wars period is the most popular era for gaming.
Why is the Napoleonic Wars so popular? Is this due to the change in warfare of the period. Up until then, armies and battles had been quite small affairs, with quite strict and rigid tactics. But the genius of Napoleon changed all that. Conscription, fast campaign and battlefield manoeuvring became the order of the day. This saw the size of nations' armies expand to enormous proportions. The French army that invaded Russia in 1812 was nearly 500,000 strong and had contingents from every nation in Europe under Napoleon's control. Battles could also be fought over longer periods, sometimes 2-3 days, like Wagram (1809) and Leipzig (1813).

It's Single and Mulitplayer focusing on teamwork and Individual Skill.

Spanning two decades at the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th centuries

Conflicts fought between the French Empire and its allies, led by Napoleon I, against a fluctuating array of European powers formed into various coalitions during the Napoleonic Era.

The ideal Napoleonic battle was to manipulate the enemy into an unfavourable position through manoeuvre and deception, force him to commit his main forces and reserve to the main battle and then undertake an enveloping attack with uncommitted or reserve troops on the flank or rear. Such a surprise attack would either produce a devastating effect on morale, or force him to weaken his main battle line. Either way, the enemy's own impulsiveness began the process by which even a smaller French army could defeat the enemy's forces one by one.


Napoleonic: Total War III is a modification for Napoleon: Total War, developed by the Lordz Modding Collective.
Extensive research and development has gone into an in-depth modification since its inception in 2010 to create unprecedented levels of historical authenticity.
Order of battle detailed and the outstanding rendition of historical battlefields makes for the most realistic experience of a Napoleonic battle.
If you are a true grognard fascinated in this era of military history, then this Mod is for you!

"The sight from the crest of Mont Saint Jean as the French advance is breathtaking"

There are so many options its like a whole new game, it makes Napoleon: Total War even better than it already is.
Absolutely realistic including the cavalry stamina, artillery ratio, colorful and unique uniforms, and musket accuracy at different ranges a variety of maps and playable factions.
Unlocked factions and you don't need any Napoleon: Total War DLC packs to install the Mod.
Play Napoleon: Total War ~ Vanilla with the Mod installed by selecting the restore Vanilla option, no uninstalling required.
If you want a full Napoleonic Wars era experience go ahead and download.

Right you have installed NTW3............. So what's different?

Napoleonic: Total War III ~ NTW3 ~ Fog of War Reconnaissance
Creators of "fog of war " mechanism. The enemy is always hidden on the battle map and you must scout for his location and position.
  • Historical Accuracy Dynamics and Mechanics. All units are much slower to simulate the pace of the battle era. This mod completely overhauls the combat mechanics unlike any other. It's just realistically accurate.
  • Customized Historical and Scenario's with Multiple faction and unit Options.
  • 177 Classic battles maps.
  • 27 Historical battles maps.
  • 81 Scenario battles maps.
  • Typically Maps are much larger and battles can be played over great distances for longer.
  • Victory conditions are set for Players within the pre-battle loading screen or within gameplay as shown on the mini map.
  • 1526 Historical Units and Models to Choose from with highly detailed colorful and unique uniforms textures.
  • Absolutely realistic realism including the cavalry stamina, artillery ratio and musket accuracy at different ranges.
  • Slower moving formations with realistic fatigue mechanics susceptible to morale hits, Musket accuracy decreases greatly with distance, and improves immensely at point blank range, time your bayonet charges in between reloads for maximum effectiveness. More routing and regrouping.
  • Squares can be formed, but not by all units.
  • Campaigns with depth in realism offered. 20 Factions to play choose between the great nations and those smaller states.
  • Customized User Interface, more than 20 units can now be selected for Classic Battle's (limited to 27) for Historical Battle's and Scenario's it's automatically resized.
  • Visually impressive with realistic smoke and sound effects.
  • Deployment zones and Free deployment options.
  • In battle private chats color has been changed from the unreadable dark purple to readable red.
  • The unusable mini-map is now 2.5 times larger and usable.
Napoleonic: Total War III ~ NTW3 ~ New 2.5 Times Larger Mini Map

Faction Overview

Napoleonic: Total War III ~ NTW3 ~ Gameplay User pre-battle interface factions and units selection screen
41 Factions to Choose from with Multiple Units and Models Options
  • France 1806: very good everywhere, fast and accurate, best NTW3 faction (very easy) 
  • France 1811: overall good, especially artillery (medium)
  • France (armée d'Espagne): same as previous, but without heavy cavalry and more massive reserve units (medium)
  • France (guard): overall best units in all areas, but very expensive, so only a small elite army can be built (hard)
  • France 1799: no comment, as it will drastically change in upcoming 7.2 version
  • Britain: great shooting, weak melee, most units can form squares (easy)
  • Peninsular Corp: same as previous, with some extra cheap units and almost no heavy cavalry (easy)
  • Austria: large army, slow, average skills everywhere, with cheap good artillery (easy)
  • Holy Roman Empire: old-school mix of huge and average sized units, weak heavy cavalry (medium)
  • Prussia 1806: great shooting, but very poor morale and scarce ability to form squares, very hard to begin with (very hard)
  • Prussia 1815: overall best cheap massive units, if you like militia (a rare trend) this is for you (hard)
  • Russia 1807: good elite, heavy cavalry and artillery, but the weakest line infantry in this list (very hard)
  • Russia 1812: fast and very good in melee, poor shooting, very good artillery (hard)

A whole new kind of strategy, Tactics used in NTW ~ Vanilla do not apply in this Mod.

A Community supported Mod with an Active Player Base. For Communication we provide a Discord "LordzNTW3" Server.

The Battlefield Awaits you, go ahead and download we think you will be quite impressed.


Napoleonic: Total War III ~ NTW3 ~ Gameplay User pre-battle interface factions and units selection screen


41 to Choose from with Multiple Units and Models Options

  •  France 1806 (22 points)
  •  France 1811 (20 points)
  •  France garde impériale (20 points)
  •  Osterreich (20 points)
  •  Preußen 1806 (20 points)
  •  Rossiya 1812 (20 points)
  •  United Kingdom (20 points)
  •  France 1799 (19 points)
  •  France armée d'Espagne (19 points)
  •  Heiliges Römisches Reich (19 points)
  •  Peninsular coalition (19 points)
  •  Preußen 1813 (19 points)
  •  Rossiya 1807 (19 points)
  •  España (18 points)
  •  Osmanli (18 points)
  •  Sverige (18 points)
  •  Piemonte-Sardegna 1796 (17 points)
  •  Iranshahr (17 points)
  •  Polska (17 points)
  •  Portugal (17 points)
  •  Sachsen 1806 (17 points)
  •   Bayern Bayern (16 points)
  •  Italia (16 points)
  •  Württemberg (16 points)
  •  Danmark (15 points)
  •  Holland (15 points)
  •  Mamalik (15 points)
  •  Sachsen 1809 (15 points)
  •  Napoli (14 points)
  •  Russkiy narod (14 points)
  •  United States (14 points)
  •  Hannover (13 points)
  •  Westphalen (13 points)
  •  Hessen (12 points)
  •  Lützowsches Freikorps (12 points)
  •  Braunschweig (11 points)
  •  Rheinbund (11 points)
  •  Sept-Îles (10 points)
  •  Baden (10 points)
  •  Kleve-Berg (9 points)
  •  Piemonte-Sardegna 1814 (9 points)
Napoleonic: Total War III ~ NTW3 ~ Gameplay 1er grenadiers à pied ~ les Grognards unit card display screen

Units and Models

1526 Historical Units to Choose from with Multiple Model Options

  • France garde impériale (20 points)
  • Napoléon Bonaparte
  • 1er grenadiers à pied~les Grognards
  • 1er chasseurs à pied
  • 2e grenadiers à pied
  • 2e chasseurs à pied
  • 3e grenadiers à pied
  • Jean-Marie Dorsenne (1er grenadiers à pied)
  • Tirailleurs de la Jeune Garde
  • Voltigeurs de la Jeune Garde
  • Marins de la Garde
  • Flanqueurs-chasseurs de la Jeune Garde
  • Vélites de Turin et de Florence
  • Grenadiers à cheval~les Dieux
  • Jean-Baptiste Bessières (grenadiers à cheval)
  • Dragons de l’Impératrice
  • Chasseurs à cheval~les Chevaliers servants
  • 1er Chevau-légers lanciers~Lanciers polonais
  • 2e Chevau-légers lanciers~Lanciers rouges
  • Gendarmes d'élite~les Immortels
  • Dragons de l’Impératrice
  • Mamelouks
  • Chevau-légers lanciers de Berg
  • Chasseurs à cheval~les Chevaliers servants
  • Artillerie à cheval de 6 livres - Vieille Garde
  • Antoine Drouot (12 livres à pied)
  • Artillerie à pied de 12 livres - Vieille Garde
  • Obusiers de 6 pouces
  • Artillerie à pied de 6 livres - Jeune Garde
  • Artillerie à cheval de 6 livres - Jeune Garde
Napoleonic: Total War III ~ NTW3 Gameplay Single and Multiplayer Campaigns of the Coalition loading screen


20 Factions to choose from with Multiple Campaign Options

  • Campaign Battles
  • The initial missions for Prussia & Austria are now more historically related for the 1805 campaign.
  • New missions
  • Three Special Campaigns for Bavaria, Wurttemberg & Ottomans
  • The Victory Conditions have been revised for both the Historical & World Domination goals
  • The user graphics include historical portraits and character traits for ALL of the faction leaders
  • Area of Recruitment limits your factions army units home regions during the Napoleonic wars
  • France Britain Prussia Austria now recruit limited numbers of foreign units from the Rhinebund 
  • The Grand Armee' was historically made up of many foreign troops.
  • After 1806 about 1/3 of the French army were foreign
  • By 1812 over half the French troops were foreign
  • Advanced units available for the major factions by upgrading your culture & prestige buildings.
  • Single Player Campaign choose one of 20 factions in The War of the Third Coalition (September 1805)
  • Russia Austria are restricted from declaring war on The Ottomans in the MAIN 20 Faction Campaign 
  • Recommended you save your games often the auto-save will save the end of your last turn 
  •  Save before lengthy diplomacy in case you accidentally declare war on one of your allies
  • Check the abilities of your Ministers place them in positions to gain advantages for your faction.
  • The tech tree has been revised and streamlined
  • Construction of a fort in the capital now provides some additional benefits for the region.
  • The Commercial Trade ports for the smaller naval factions are expanded so can now build warships.
  • Movement points are set for each faction and Large Cannons & Militia units now travel 25% slower than regular infantry units.
  • Barrack Recruitment System
Napoleonic: Total War III ~ NTW3 ~ Gameplay Belgium 1 Classic Battle map display

Classic Battles

177 Maps to Choose from with Multiple faction and unit Options

  • Abu Sultan ~ Albera ~ Alle River
  • America 1 - 5
  • Austria 1 -7
  • Belgium 1 - 7
  • Birlokaha ~ Black forect
  • Borodino Series ~ Bussy Mill
  • Camburg ~ Casina Nuova ~ Charleroi
  • Corunna ~ Cudillero
  • Dedalus ~ Desert Ridge
  • Dry River ~ Dulsin Woods
  • Egypt 1 -6
  • El Maderal
  • England 1 -7
  • Flat Dirt ~ Flat Steppe ~ Floitensberg
  • France 1 - 9
  • France La Rothiere
  • Germany 1 - 7
  • Gignod Village ~ Gimeys
  • Hilly Ground
  • Italy 1 - 9
  • Kerimler ~ Krasnoie
  • La Magara - La Rothiere
  • Le Grand Hameau ~ Les Deux Buttes ~ Ligny
  • Lodi Bridge ~ Lowlands
  • Marengo Evening ~ Mont Saint Jean ~ Moscowa
  • Netherland 1 - 3
  • NTW3 Test Map
  • Palmeiros ~ Pharaon's Tomb
  • Poland 1 - 4
  • Poltsamaa Vald ~ Poppendorf
  • Portugal 1 - 4
  • Pratzen Heights
  • Prussia 1 - 7
  • Quatre Bras
  • Quintanillo
  • Ronco ~ Riba Roja Lake
  • Russia 1 - 6
  • Salah Ridge
  • Saxony 1 - 3
  • Sierra De Fuentes ~ Sikajoki
  • Spain 1 - 10
  • Tautenwild
  • Valdefuentes
  • Winter Hills
  • 27 Historical Battles Maps
Napoleonic: Total War III ~ NTW3 ~ Gameplay Napoleons Eagles Waterloo 1815 1vs1 Historical Battles (HB) map showing French faction units

Historical Battles

27 Historical battles to Choose from with Multiple Player Options

  • Abuera
  • Aspern Essling
  • Auerstadt
  • Austerlitz
  • Bailen
  • Caldiero
  • Castiglione
  • Elchingen
  • Eylau
  • Friedland
  • Gorzyce-Wrzawy
  • Heilsberg
  • Hohenlinden
  • Jena
  • La Coruna
  • La Rothiere
  • Marengo
  • Montebello
  • Montmirail
  • Ocana
  • Quatre Bras
  • Raszyn
  • Rivoli
  • Salamanca
  • Talavera
  • Waterloo
  • Ziegelhof
Napoleonic: Total War III ~ NTW3 ~ Gameplay Waterloo 1815 4vs4 Scenario Battle Multiplayer loading screen option

Scenario Battles

81 Scenario Battles to Choose from with Multiple Player Options

  • Aboukir ~ Albuera ~ Alcañiz ~ Almonacid ~ Arpachai ~ Auerstaedt ~ Austerlitz
  • Bailén ~ Barrosa ~ Bladensburg ~ Borodino ~ Buçaco
  • Ceva
  • Chippawa
  • Coruña
  • Dantzig ~ Dego
  • Eckmühl
  • Elchingen
  • Escape from Mittbach
  • Espinosa
  • Eylau
  • Friedland
  • Hacioglu Pazarcik
  • Hanau
  • Heliopolis
  • Hohenlinden
  • Jena
  • Krasnoie
  • Kulm (August 29th - 30th)
  • Ligny
  • Lodi
  • Lone Wolves I - V
  • Lundy's Lane
  • Marengo ~ Medellín ~ Medina de Rioseco ~ Mincio ~ Mondovi ~ Montebello ~ Montereau ~ Montmirail
  • Ocaña
  • Ölper
  • Paxos
  • Pyramids
  • Quatre Bras
  • Raab ~ Raszyn ~ Rivoli ~ Roliça ~ Ronco
  • Salamanca
  • Sehested
  • Siikajoki
  • Somosierra
  • La Souffel
  • Talavera
  • Tamames
  • Tudela
  • Uclès
  • Valls
  • Vimeiro
  • Waterloo (with Grouchy)
  • Ziegelhof

Latest Version and Updates

New faction 7.2

  • Persia (17) : in a nine year long war against Russia from 1804 to 1813, with a balanced army roster relying on fast and good skirmishers, light cavalry and fierce mercenaries.

New factions 7.1

  • Septinsular Republic (10) : ionian islands under France's control from 1807 to 1814/1815, with Balkanic, Greek and French troops.
  • Mamelukes (15) : Bonaparte's main opponents from 1798 to 1801, with impressive light cavalry, heavy cavalry with plates and shields, and a feudal infantry mostly based on slaves and mercenaries.
  • Russian partisans and cossacks (14) : the "Maloya Voïna" fought separately from the Russian imperial army, causing up to 70% of the Grande Armée's casualties ; no regular infantry or cavalry, mainly a skirmishing and harassing army.

New factions 7.0

  • France 1799 (19): France's army in the Egypt and Italian campaigns, not really experienced but very maneuvrable.
  • Holy Roman Empire (19): precursor of Austria in the pre-1805 battles, with a mix of slow large units and fast small ones.
  • Piemonte-Sardegna 1796 (17): France's major opponent with the HRE in the Italian campaign.
  • United States (14): War of 1812's roster.

New factions 6.0

  • France 1806: the strongest faction ever in NTW3, the unstoppable French army who rolled over Europe from 1805 to 1809; fast, strong, and no weaknesses.
  • Prussia 1806: a highly-trained army but stuck in the Seven Years' War warfare; this powerful army might be the best to hold the line but will quickly collapse as soon as breach is created.
  • Russia 1807: Kutuzov's army from Austerlitz to Friedland, reformed after Tilsit, relying on very strong artillery and heavy cavalry.
  • Saxony 1806: the old electorate of Saxony, still with a tradition for great horsemen.
Napoleonic: Total War III ~ NTW3 ~ Napoleons Eagles Historical Battles HB's logo

Historical Battles 7.2 

Napoleonic: Total War III ~ NTW3 ~ Gameplay Napoleons Eagles launcher menu interface for Historical Battles HB's
  • New Historical Battle Launcher
Napoleonic: Total War III ~ NTW3 ~ Gameplay Napoleons Eagles La Rothiere 1814 Historical Battle Hb map description display
  • New Historical Battle of La Rothière (with or without snow, enabled by selecting the box above the start button).
Napoleonic: Total War III ~ NTW3 ~ Gameplay Napoleons Eagles Elchingen 1805 and Elchingen 1805 Late morning Historical Battle Hb map description display
  • New battle of Elchingen (two scenarios, the first with historical deployment and the second with an advanced morning deployment for fast engagement)
  • New victory conditions for Rivoli
Napoleonic: Total War III ~ NTW3 ~ Gameplay Waterloo 1815 (with Grouchy) 4vs4 Scenario Battle loading screen

Scenarios 7.0 + 7.1 + 7.2

  • A lot of rebalancing following feedbacks from players.
  • Scenarios of Aboukir, Heliopolis and Pyramids now use the Mamelukes faction.
  • Scenario of Krasnoie includes new Russian partisans and cossacks faction.
  • New scenario : Paxos, during British invasion of the Septinsular Republic.
  • Three new massive (non historical) balanced 1v1.

Units' speed 7.1

  • Every unit's cost has been increased or decreased depending on its speed. This factor wasn't taken in consideration in previous versions (except for light infantry). There are six scales of speed. Within each scale the slower units are cheaper than faster ones. This will be displayed in each unit's name:
  • Standard infantry (elite, light, line, militia, irregulars): from L1 to L5
  • Grenadiers: from G1 to G3 (higher charging speed than standard infantry)
  • Skirmishers: from S1 to S2
  • Foot artillery: from F1 to F5
  • Horse artillery: from H1 to H3
  • Cavalry: from C1 to C9, heavy from C1 to C4, medium from C5 to C6, light from C7 to C8, nomads C9... and static units have their own void scale.
Napoleonic: Total War III ~ NTW3 ~ Gameplay units speed shown in each units title description display

User interface : faction selection 7.1

  • Factions are now displayed in two distinct columns: France and its allies on one side, Coalition on the other.
  • This sorts out the previous oversized dropdown menu.
  • Ottomans have been put with the French as their main enemy during this era was Russia.
  • So were the U.S.A. (because of U.K.)
  • Saxony has the privilege to be on both sides, depending on their quickly-changing alliances.
Napoleonic: Total War III ~ NTW3 ~ Gameplay 7.1v user pre-battle interface faction selection
  • Lordz recommend to build up alliances from the same column. It's not a rule or a code of conduct, just a recommendation.
  • The same UI alteration works with the regimental mod:
Napoleonic: Total War III ~ NTW3 ~ Gameplay user interface alteration shown working with the Regimental version

User interface : squares

Napoleonic: Total War III ~ NTW3 ~ Squares
  • Infantry units can form squares.
  • Infantry units that can form sqaures are identified by the square symbol.
  • Infantry Units that cannot form squares do not show the square symbol.

User interface : amount of units 7.1

  • More than 20 units can now be selected. The limit has been capped to 27, it could change later. In the battle UI units' icons are automatically resized, including HBs and Scenarios.
Napoleonic: Total War III ~ NTW3 ~ Gameplay user interface a 25 units army display
  • A 20-units army:
Napoleonic: Total War III ~ NTW3 ~ Gameplay user interface a 25 units army display
  • A 25-units army:
Napoleonic: Total War III ~ NTW3 ~ Gameplay user interface a 25 units army display
  • A 37-units army (from Waterloo scenario):
Napoleonic: Total War III ~ NTW3 ~ Gameplay user interface a 25 units army display
  • Beyond 40 units a second row is added. Here's a 70-units army (from Auerstaedt 3v1 scenario):

User interface : miscellaneous

  • In battle private chat's color has been changed from the unreadable dark purple to readable red.

Changelog 7.2

  • Chat windows (in the lobby and during battle) bug fixed.
  • Small changes aren't mentioned in the following, all unit's costs have been recalculated after increased or decreased stats.
  • Routing units no longer crawl so slowly on the battlefield.
  • New launcher, probably containing helpful content for new players in a near future.
  • Some mechanics changes to reduce the recurring erratic moves (unit taking ages to open fire, or moving backwards during a charge, etc).
  • Animations tables changed for a slightly smoother gameplay
  • Artillery: improved round shots, reduced amount of pellets for high calibre guns, reloading value has more impact on pricing.
  • Cavalry: larger light cavalry units, faster top-tier light cavalry, adjustments of top-tier heavy cavalry, attempts to reduce odds of causing fire-in-melee (still a glitch/exploit)
  • Infantry: units get tired faster when reloading/shooting (though it still takes a long while to be exhausted).
  • France 1806: Ney improved, Guard infantry's uniforms corrected, cuirassiers' nicknames updated.
  • France 1811: new units (20e dragons, 4e de ligne, 84e de ligne), larger grenadiers, better reloading for standard line infantry.
  • France 1799: reworked infantry, now with far less men per unit but extremely manoeuvrable (fastest in game), with average to low stats
  • France Imperial Guard: improved lancers, specific price reduction for "Grenadiers à cheval".
  • Austria: 47. Linieninfanterie removed, as it was bugged (one rank shooting only, no way to fix it).
  • Prussia 1806: larger grenadier units.
  • United Kingdom: reduction of morale for line infantry, lower accuracy for regular foot, good to very good line infantry reloads faster.
  • Prussia 1813: new units (25. Musketiere, 1. Grenadiere, Grenadier-Garde).
  • Russia 1807: new unit (Moscow musketeers).
  • Sweden: many unit names corrected.
  • Ottomans: changes on the guerrilla ability for several cavalry and infantry units.
  • Poland: better lancers.
  • Mamelukes: correction on many unit names, stricter capping for cavalry units.
  • Naples: smaller line infantry units.
  • Septinsular republic: the "Nautiki Purobolikou" represents a naval fort, not just an artillery, it has been made harder to manage and deploy.
  • Berg: improved famous lancer.

The Battlefield Awaits