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Napoleonic: Total War III ~ NTW3 ~ Modification for Napoleon: Total War developed by The Lordz Modding Collective



Historically, the Austrian army was divided into 2 parts: -Germans (Austrians,Waloons,Czechs,Italians) and Hungarians


Slow moving infantry, very blobby. Be wary of cav. Try to outflank the enemy, rather than front assault. Use 3,5 - 5 rank lines for best morale.

Army Composition

You can reach the limit with Austria, although i recommend to bring around 21-23 units




  • Militia, almost never used, due to austrias capability to spam units better than militias in the same numbers. Low morale, weak shooting stats, Dont Pick this unit.

Deutshe Reserve Fusilire

  • Militia-Like infantry. Although better shooting stats than Landwehr, it is still a very thrashy unit. Use this when you have some money left over.

Tiroler Jager

  • Bad skirmishing unit. Low accuracy and reloading means that its a thrashy skirmisher unit.

Deutshe Fusilire

  • Normal infantry. Solid shooting and melee stats along with okay-ish morale make it a good unit to spam (but its better to spam veteran infantry or hungarian infantry)


  • Strong skirmishing unit. High range and accuracy make it best for skirmishing in forests. Always bring 2-3 of these.

Wiener Freiwlige

  • Light Infantry. Very nice shooting stats, but bad melee and morale. The unit you are going to use for flanking. Avoid fighting alone, always attack along with blobby units.

Deutshe Veteran Fusilire

  • Backbone of your army. Good shooting and melee stats along with high morale make this unit a very good center-holder. These stats also make it a great unit against quality. Still be wary about grenadiers and light infantry.


  • Pretty straightforward. Sappers with solid melee, good for defending flank or assaulting buildings.

NR2 Kaiser Franz

  • Strong unit, 22 accuracy, 65 reloading and 40 morale. Can also form square. Good center holder, but can also be used for defending flanks or flanking. Using 1 per army is best (at least for me).

NR4 Deutschmeister

  • Very strong unit. 26 accuracy, 90 reloading and 45 morale make it the perfect infantry vs Infantry unit for Austria. High melee attack also with 143 men is very deadly. Using 2 per army is the best thing you can do. Can form square. INSPIRE

Deutsche Grenadiere

  • Very strong unit, but also very costly. 24 accuracy, 80 reloading and 50 morale make it the best shooting grenadiers (except for Garde Imperiale). They also have very good melee stats, but Russian Pavlovski Grenadiers are much better for the same price. Using them along with pioneers is the best way how to capture a loc point and snipe from it.
  • Can form square.

Deutshe Grenadiere - Scovaud

The most expensive unit you can buy. Its an upgraded version of The Deutsche Grenadiere for 60 more funds. If you are bringing 1 deutsche grenadiere its best to upgrade to Scovaud and degrade some line units. 12 melee defence makes it a perfect unit to seize buildings. Also 10 reloading and morale upgrade from Deutsche Grenadiere.

  • Can form square.



Ungarishe Reserve-Fusilire

  • Thrash-Militia Like unit. 14 accuracy, 35 reloading and 10 morale. Might not be to any use. Low morale and low accuracy and reloading remove the blob factor. Its like militia vs normal infantry

Grenz-Infanterie Schutzen

  • Solid half skirmisher half/infantry unit. 30 accuracy with 55 reloading make these make the best plaster for any holes in your lines. Note that they are skirmishers, so bad melee.

Ungarishe Fusilire

  • Another backbone infantry. Combine this with Deutsche Veteran Fusilire and you have a perfect blobby line that can hold almost everything. Although they are bad at shooting, 16 acc, 45 reloading, they have 20 morale and 163 men which makes up for the bad shooting.


  • Not sure if i can recommend this unit. It does have 20 accuracy and is good for flanking, but i dont think its worth the money. 15 morale and 55 reloading mean that its better to bring deutschmeisters and wiener freiwlige for flanking.

NR2 Hiller

  • Will try to not be biased here *pun* . Its basically a much better version of the Grenz-Infanterie. they could form square in 7.1, but its not that big of a deal. Good melee attack with good shooting and morale can make it a unit in the Ungarishe fusilire-Deutsche Veteran Fusilire line.

NR19 Alvinczy

  • Strong infantry. 163 men with 22 acc. 70 reloading and 35 morale make it even better blob unit that Hiller. Can form square.

Grenz-Infanterie Nr.6

  • Better version of grenz-infanterie, but still not anything good. Can form square. You will do better if you stay with Alvinczy.

Ungarishe Grenadiere

  • Strong melee unit, but too pricy. 20 melee attack and 40 morale make it a good unit for melee and assaulting LOC points. Same shooting stats as Alvinczy. If you want a melee unit bring German Grenadiers.
  • Can form square

NR35 Splenyi

  • Strong unit, but too pricy. Basically Alvinczy with (+10 reloading,+2 melee attack). They are not worth the upgrade.
  • Can form square.



If you are interrested in Napoleonic wars, you might know that cavalry could be classed like this: Light (Hussars, Chasseurs a cheval), Medium (dragoons, chevaulegers, lancers) Heavy (Currasiers, Carabiniers). And as so im going to group those.


Austria has a strong cavalry roster, including Hungarian Hussars, Cheap dragoons and also Reserve Currasier Cav.

You also might know that 2 dragoons can beat 4 hussars.

Austria has ok standard dragoons but Dragoner hohenlohe is much better (still worse than french dragoons though). Still, their cavalry is fast and can do amazing things.

Cavalry-in-army Composition

Will go through the lightest: 3 elite hussars/chevaulegers, 2 ulans (2950 funds)

1 dragoon (hohenlohe), 1 ulan, 2 elite hussars or chevaulegers (2930 funds)

2 dragoons with or without ulan (with 2130, without 1750)

1 currasier, 1 dragoon, 1 ulan (2660 funds)

2 currasiers, 2 hungarian hussars (3750 funds)


Ulanen (47 men, 380 funds)

  • They really are light cav with austria, so im going to put them here. Great cav for scouting, and could stand on its own even against basic Russian, French or British hussars. Of course they are Lancers, so avoid forests and hills for maximum effectivness. They also have low morale, so avoid charging into infantry fire. I already tested that lancer cav on plain can delete light cav with dragoons on any elite level (If you dont use them like a mongol-tard).

Ausfgard Husaren -Primatrial- (42 men, 380 funds)

  • Cheapest hussars for Austria. Low morale, low charge bonus and less men mean that they are going to be less useful than ulans. They are great where ulans are bad (forests) but still the ulans will dominate them. Good cav for scouting, but you should bring ulans or better Hussars.

Ungarishe Husaren (47 men, 530 funds)

  • Standard hussars for Austria. They really are cost-effective agains other non-elite hussars (Elitskagvardski for russia, Numbered hussars for France and Prussia, adjectived hussars for Britain, and of course standard hussars of saxony and baden). Great melee attack and morale means that they are also useful for destroying arty on frontal charge or killing standard enemy infantry.

Husaren NR.6 -Count Blankenstein- (47 men, 650 funds)

  • Upgraded Ungarishe husaren. Better melee attack and charge bonus, even better for killing standard enemy infantry. Faster than french 7th Hussars for less price, Against Elitskagvardski husari they are going to suffer, so avoid those. Also avoid 1806 Prussias light cav. Britain has a same quality unit, but with less men.

Husaren NR.4 -Hessen-Homburg- (47 men, 790 funds)

  • Best hussars you can bring. Melee attack like dragoons, but still dont try attacking dragoons. Can be as useful as dragoons when deleting enemy infantry. France has an answer in 5th hussars, which are more expensive (but only a bit, nothing army breaking). Russia doesnt have an answer to this, only with dragoons. Prussia 1813 is long way out of the picture. Britain has an answer, but with more defense while austrians have better attack for the same price.

Ferdinand Karl von Österreich-Este (57 men, 600 funds)

  • Hussar general. In my opinion, its not worth bringing hussar generals (BIG EXCEPTION HERE, LASALLE) because they dont have more melee attack then standard hussars and as well are not heavy but light cav. He is one of the better hussar generals, but you still you can bring 1 dragoon instead of this. Stats somewhere between -Count Blankenstein - and - Hessen - Homburg.


Chevaulegers (52 men, 510 funds)

  • Cheapest medium cav you can bring. Their strenght is mainly in numbers, although Ungarishe husaren are much better to bring, 5 man advantage is not that much, mostly because of hussars better melee and morale.

Chevaulegers O'Reilly (52 men, 750 funds)

  • Upgraded Chevaulegers. The numbers now actually count, if you would compare -Hessen-Homburg- hussars with these.
  • Stats like dragoons and numbers make them the best Infantry-killing fast cav for Austria. Still, dragoons are better if you want cav that can hold.

Dragoner(72 men, 800 funds)

  • One of the cheapest dragoons in the mod right now.
  • As Austria has not-so-strong curassiers, It is best that you bring 2 dragoons per army.
  • Dragoons can hold off heavy cav and can destroy light cav.
  • Along with infantry can be very deadly.
  • Although i would recommend that you upgrade 1 dragoons to dragoner hohenlohe. Much faster than currasiers also so you can just run away from them.

Dragoner -Hohenlohe-(72 men, 950 funds)

  • Upgrade from the regular dragoons. Very fast, almost like hussars, so you can kill almost all hussars if you have a bit of space advantage. Can very well fight off currasiers, but you should run away and attack only with infantry supporting.



  • Curassiers are a heavy cav and mostly are situational. Charge bonus is very important for curassiers, good for charging cav and killing infantry on charge.
  • This is my grade for curassiers charge bonus: 9-10 LOW, 11-13 MEDIUM, 14+ HIGH

Kurassiere (82 men, 1330 funds)

  • Curassiers. Not much to say to these, either than they are the "worst" 82 men curassier cav (with curaiss, not some dragoons that call themeselves curassiers). Speed normal to curassiers, melee attack and morale bad for currasiers. Only thing really "good" about these is their cost. They are the cheapest curassier unit in the mod right now. LOW charge bonus.

Kurassiere - Kaiser Franz - (82 men, 1730 funds)

  • Upgraded curassiers. They are nice curassiers, dont get me wrong, but the price for them is very high. For these guys, you can take the best cavalry you have in any faction, beat them and be cost effective at the same time.
  • MEDIUM charge bonus of 12

Kurassiere - Reserve Cavalerie - (162 men, 2180 funds)

  • Mass of curassiers. When comparing cavalry reserves, They are the worst of them, but also the cheapest. Basically a Kurassiere x2 with better stats.
  • Dont show these guys to the arty. Really slow, so dont chase any cav, only ride into a fight. MEDIUM charge bonus of 12


Army Compostition and Basic Tactics

1-2 guns at best. No arty spam here.

I preffer to use the 3 pounders, but you can bring literally every arty, although i would recommend avoiding the horse art.

Art. is best at denying areas of course.

Pushing them to the front line might be dangerous, but leaving them in the back reduces the damage.

Your choice.

I cannot recommend any arty because 1 horse charge can take them out, so yeah.

Austria although has some cheap art so if you lose one it doesnt hurt you that much.

3-pfunder Fuss artillerie

  • I bring these guys to every battle as Austria. 3 guns, higher mobility for low shot power. Good for bringing up on front or bombarding cav. Cheap.

6-pfunder Fuss artillerie

  • 2 guns, lower mobility for higher shot power than the 3 pfunders. Somewhere in the category of bringing them up front or leaving them in the cav. Cheap

7-pfunder Haubitze

  • I am really not in love with hotwizers (5.0 and 5.1 memories) and dont bring them. You surely can bring them, they got a buff and are good for sniping cav, but not-so-high accuracy doesnt make them that useful against infantry.

3-pfunder Reitende artillerie

  • Horse art. Speed is pretty good, the price also, but you get basically faster 3 pfunders with less guns, which makes the 3 pfunders good. Cheap

12-pfunder Fuss artillerie

  • 12 pounders with 2 guns. Pretty good accuracy, but the 2 guns dont make it so much good. Also lower crew can be dangerous fore arty vs arty. They are very cheap, so you can bring 2 of these for 1 french 12 pounder, which is on the other hand more accurate and reloads faster. Cheap

6-pfunder Reitende artillerie

  • 6 pounder horse aŕt. Pretty low accuracy, pretty much same price as the other horse 6 pounders and less accuracy dont make this a good horse art. It is solid, but nothing recommendable.

12-pfunder Grosse Batterie

  • I dont think i even need to adress this one. Grand Batterie, you wont see it often, not at all in fact. Although a lot cheaper than the other Grand batteries, one cav charge can wreck your dreams.
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