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A Free to Play Real Time Strategy Game Modification for Napoleon: Total War developed by The Lordz Modding Collective.

Napoleonic: Total War III ~ NTW3 ~ 7.2v

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Napoleonic: Total War III ~ NTW3 Historische Gevechten ~ HB ~ Launcher

Launcher 7.2 HB launcher


  • Download the Napoleonic: Total War III ~ NTW3 version 7.2v installer.

  • It's a standalone version.

  • Uninstall anything else previously installed.

  • All required files are included within the NTW3 version 7.2v.

  • Launch the NTW3 version 7.2v setup.exe.

  • Choose your language.

  • Select your own Napoleon: Total War ~ NTW root directory, set by default as: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Napoleon Total War.

  • Wait for the modification [mod] installation process to complete.

  • Launch NTW3 either with the version 7.2v shortcut on your desktop, or the Napoleonic Total War III.exe in your \data\NTW3\Launcher folder.

  • The new Napoleons Eagles Historical Battles ~ HB launcher has been released specifically for HB's only.

  • It's not required for Classic Battles or Campaigns.

  • Napoleons Eagles Historical Battles ~ HB launcher:

  • This is the LAUNCHER, not an INSTALLER.

  • Replace or swap your current NTW3 version 7.2v launcher with this one, in your \data\NTW3\Launcher folder.

Instructions Recommendations and Suggestions

  • Watch the How to install video and read the instructions and follow them carefully.
  • If you have issues installing the downloaded files on a Windows 64 bit system, run them as administrator.
  • Napoleonic: Total War III version 7.2v comes with its own manager.
  • NTW ~ DLC packs are not required for installation or to play.
  • Do a file integrity check before installing.
  • NTW3 mod files are totally separate from the original NTW game files.
  • Check your "data" folder, any files with the prefix "NTW3_" delete them.
  • Check your "preferences script" folder, any files with the prefix "NTW3_" delete them.
  • Move or delete replays saved with another mod or for NTW, this can cause the game to crash when saving or loading NTW3 replays.
  • Move or Delete army setups saved with another mod or for Napoleon Total War, this can cause the game to crash when loading NTW3 armies or maps.
  • Delete your crash file reports.
  • In your Steam client's web browser settings, delete web browser cache and all browser cookies.
  • In your Steam client's downloads settings, clear download cache.
  • The uninstaller does not necessarily remove all NTW3 files, so manually check before a new installation.
  • NTW can be played without uninstalling by selecting the vanilla option in the NTW3 manager options.
  • Install a clean and updated version of the Napoleon: Total War ~ NTW vanilla or base game.
  • Start NTW at least once, it creates files and folders on first launch, which are necessary for the mod.
  • Other modifications are incompatible.
  • Save and keep very safe all files.
  • Recommended Settings are:
  • Medium size units funds and difficulty, as the modification was designed for.
  • Ultra size is only recommended in 1vs1 and 2vs2 maxium to avoid gameplay lag.
  • The gameplay experience in this setting will be different than in medium settings.
  • It would also help to review the graphic settings.
  • Restart your game before joining another battle each time.
  • Setup the unrestircted camera view.
  • Install the pre-units selection interface mod (restrictions apply).

Contact us if you're still encountering any issues, feel free to ask us for help!

We prefer spending the time to help you, than you not being able to join the battlefield with us.

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