Napoleonic Total War III

Een GRATIS community gereedschap voor iedereen

Napoleonic: Total War III ~ NTW3 ~ Modification for Napoleon: Total War developed by The Lordz Modding Collective
Napoleonic: Total War III ~ NTW3 ~ Napoleons hat and map

League of Valor

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“Statistic Achievement unlocked!”

  • Start vanaf het begin van Napoleonic Total War III [NTW3] 7.2v 26th januarie 2017
  • Geen slagvelden voor 26ste januarie 2017
  • Geen scenarios [SB]
  • Geen historische gevechten [HB]
  • Geen Zeeslagen [NB]
  • Eer systeem
  • Je kan geen uitslag toevoegen met een annoniem account.
  • Log alsjeblieft in met een geregistreerd account.

The holy trinity of “points, badges, leaderboards” of gamification.

We rekenen op jouw data input, onze data komt van jouw!
  • We spelen allemaal Napoleonic: Total War III ~ NTW3 voor jaren nu en we hebben allemaal onze eigen statistieken
  • Maar we hebben niet de kans om onze skill te vergelijken, omdat elke speler en caln hun eigen hebben.
  • Je kan je dus niet identificeren met de al spelende spelers om zo je eigen niveau te vinden.
  • Het idee was om een standaard league te hebben waar iedereen in zou zitten.
  • Community engagement, makes us play Napoleonic Total War III more.
  • We are community focused, so we really want players who play regularly, participate in battles, and provide important information to other players to increase their activities.
  • Adding your data to the League of Valor increases the likelihood that other players will use the resource in a more active way.
  • Inputting your data communicates statistics and other achievements that help increase your own expectations about what is a reasonable standard of gameplay to aim for.
  • Seeing that a goal (as set by an achievement) is possible for you and players like you lets you see that you’re capable of reaching it.
  • Belief in our own efficacy or ability to do something if you try, is probably true to the extent that you can see a goal is reasonable, as opposed to ridiculously difficult.
  • If you reach a goal and enjoy the boost in self efficacy that it creates, that feels good. And since we all like doing things that make us feel good, you’re more likely to pursue similar achievements in the future to get the same reward.
  • The goals are specified in very specific terms explaining what you have to do and how many times you have to do it to reach them, this increases your chance of reaching them.
  • Now you have already begun to progress towards an achievement you will have increased your commitment to reaching it.
  • Achievements confer information about what is expected of players in Napoleonic Total War III. The statistic system is set up to indicate progress towards your goals, it tells the other players what you have achieved within the modification.
  • We want players to improve and be motivated to pursue improvement.
  • Getting feedback on how well you’re playing and good, accurate, and timely feedback is critical to your progress as a player. To the extent that the statistics facilitate this feedback and thus help you.
  • Ask the opinions of other players around you in order to answer questions or form opinions.
  • As other players add their own data to the League of Valor statistics system, it will help you see what's possible to achieve.
  • You need objective information about your performance, and to evaluate it. Compare yourself to meaningful others. Viewing the statistics and achievements earned by other players is a convenient way to do this kind of benchmarking. If you see that you earned an achievement and are motivated to try to the degree that you think that you and similar on attributes and skills necessary to do so.
  • Research to expand your knowledge of how and when each of these factors works in practice.

Kijker analyse, het bijhouden van progressie kaarten en het bijhouden van hedendaagse rankings.

The Battlefield Awaits