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Een gratis te spelen gemodificeerd strategie spel

Waarschijnlijk het beste strategisch spel in een napoleontische setting.

Het is gefocust op single- en multiplayer en op samenwerking en individuele prestatie.

Het spel omvat twee decenia, het eind van de 18e eeuw en het begin van de 19e eeuw.

Napoleonic Total War III

Spelers moeten moeilijke beslissingen nemen over het inzetten van troepen om zo veldpunten op de kaard te bemachtigen, terwijl reserves in de buurt moeten blijven om slag te leveren met vijandige troepen.

Napoleonic: Total War III ~ NTW3 ~ Gameplay French hussars charging at hellwigsche steikorps husars

Het kan zo zijn dat je tegenstander je niet laat vechten op de door jouw geprefereerde locatie met niet alle divisies die je daar aanwezig wilt hebben. Was het slim om zo veel van jouw cavalary op verkenning uit te sturen, nu ze te laat en uitgeput op het slagveld aankomen? Heb je troepen achtergelaten om veldpunten te verdedigen achter het front zodat je een minder groot leger kan inzetten tegen de vijand?

Napoleonic: Total War III ~ NTW3 ~ Gameplay French line infantry returning fire

Een speler heeft invloed op de veldslag door zelf keuzes te maken, je verwachtingen kunnen dramatisch veranderen wanneer de veldslag eenmaal is begonnen.

Napoleonic: Total War III ~ NTW3 ~ Gameplay French Lancer attacking Spanish Grenadier

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There’s a sense that we’re all learning together.

Clearly new players warily look across a horizon of terrifyingly difficult encounters and yet experienced players invite them to join a battle.
At first you protested “not ready, look, it's my first battle” but they were insistent, they had faith. Obviously you might lose as you and another player was still new, the experienced player didn’t say anything beyond “that was fun!”.

Napoleonic: Total War III allows players to use a variety of tactics and strategy, in the early stages of any battle, your role is most likely “don’t die, stay together when you can”.

The sense of achievement is in successfully conquering a challenge with a team of players. In a frenetic team versus team battles you test your skill against other players, and your reward is another win under your belt and a sense of accomplishment.

As you progress it becomes different, similar to other games higher performance is expected. But unlike in other games players will not go as far as abusing one another if someone falls short. There is always a chance to dwell on your own failures, but the other players are there to pick you up, not bring you down.

Contrast that with other games, where if you mistime an ability or deviate from specific strategies, particularly in multiplayer which can mean certain failure, you risk a torrent of abuse for the rest of the battle.

It’s a challenging and demanding modification that encourages a communal, shared system. Sharing experiences within its excellent multiplayer mode where players battle.

You will be pleasantly surprised by how friendly and helpful the community is. Spent years dealing with abusive, disruptive and aggressive individuals, Napoleonic: Total War III is largely free of the briefing, anger and intolerance that sometimes feel ubiquitous.

We welcome you, wondering why that is?, we feel it is more likely to attract friendlier players.

The community is honest but constructive: a common theme seems to be “you likely suck, you will continue to suck for a while but don’t worry we all do. Here are some tips”. While there are similar guides for games with difficult learning curves, the tone in other communities, particularly those of massively multiplayer online [MMO] games often include a level of condescension or elitism.

There’s no repository that can definitively answer every question about the modification. Everyone relies equally on the community, so much about the modification is unknown, so the forum, groups and player videos on YouTube are a vital resource.

Now contrast this with another MMO where there are detailed guides on how to beat everything, where mechanics are clearly explained and where deviation from specific strategies, particularly in multiplayer, means certain failure.

Other games have classes which specialize in, and generally only perform, certain roles; requiring certain factors or characters that can take a lot of hits, thereby providing a safety barrier for you for example, whereas Napoleonic: Total War III only requires co-ordination.

A modification like Napoleonic: Total War III, which hasn’t yet become part of mass popular consciousness, plays to a niche audience of players who have directly sought it out because the players they know and respect are talking about it. You have to go out of your way to become interested in Napoleonic: Total War III, that’s a different mindset and likely a different player's attitude than someone playing other MMO games.

Napoleonic: Total War III ~ NTW3 ~ Napoleons Eagles Historical Battles HB's logo

"The secret of war lies in the communications."

Napoleonic: Total War III promoted as a community platform has maintained a level of decency you seldom expect online. Which allows players to create profiles and swap these seamlessly with nearby strangers. There’s no real moderation going on but we advise against inappropriate or abusive messages. While this is enforced niceness based on nothing more than a binary choice other players have made, it promotes a more friendly environment than platforms which seem to grudgingly accept abuse as an inevitability.

Not limiting open-ended communication is a drastic way to improve the tone of a community, but within our voice, text and chat it’s effective and unintrusive.

It's used as a tool to advance within the modification and community, the fact you’re meeting other players is incidental and abuse is therefore less likely.

Napoleonic: Total War III ~ NTW3 ~ Gameplay Cavalry and Infantry fight for the hill during the battle.

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